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The New Way of Blessing Study Kit (E-Kit)

By: Les D. Crause

The Complete Kit of Everything From The Way of Blessing

Price: R550.00 - $47.00

Addictive and Powerful Prayer (E-kit)

By: Daphne Crause

The Power of Prayer - Become Addicted to it

Price: R440.00 - $37.00

Fivefold Prophet Kit (E-Kit)

By: Les D. Crause

Everything You Need To Rise Up and Function in The Prophetic Ministry and Office

Price: R1430.00 - $135.00

The Complete Apostolic Kit

By: Les D. Crause with Nadine Stohler

All You Need To Be An Apostle

Price: R507.00 - $49.99

The God Kind of Wealth Study Kit (E-Kit)

By: Les D. Crause

It Is Time To Break Free Financially

Price: R350.00 - $32.00

Prophet in a Box - Full Prophetic Seminar (E-Kit)

By: Les D. Crause with Daphne J. Crause

Know Where You Are on The Journey to be a Prophet

Price: R495.00 - $45.00

Fulfill Your Destiny Course (E-Kit)

By: Les D. Crause

The Full Step By Step Program to help you Fulfill Your Destiny

Price: R350.00 - $32.00

The Evangelistic Calling (E-Kit)

By: Les D. Crause

Moving From Basic Evangelistic Ministry to a Higher Calling

Price: R325.00 - $29.00

Overcoming Evil The Complete Series (E-Kit)

By: Les D. Crause

The Most Comprehensive Course on Deliverance Ministry Ever

Price: R495.00 - $47.00

Overcoming Evil Trilogy (MP3 Audio Kit)

By: Les D. Crause

Your Complete Guide to Deliverance and Overcoming Evil

Price: R495.00 - $47.00

Complete Fivefold Study Kit (EKit)

By: Les D. Crause

Complete Fivefold Training Kit

Price: R1495.00 - $130.00

Prayer Tools Kit (E-Kit)

By: Les D. Crause And Daphne J. Crause

It Is Time to Pray

Price: R350.00 - $29.95

Praise and Worship Guitar (Downloadable E-Kit)

By: Les D. Crause

Learn To Play The Guitar and Worship in Minutes

Price: R195.00 - $17.00