Time to Put it on

Every morning when I wake up, I put on my mantle of protection. I start the day ready to face anything, because I know that I have a mantle I can put on.

Later I will spend time with the Lord praying and singing until I activate my mantle of power.

And after that, there could be another mantle that I may need to put on.

What are all these mantles you ask?

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What Type Are You?

What do Moses, Joshua, David and Solomon have in common?

They are all allegories of different kinds of Apostle. Each having a different emphasis and mandate to fulfill.

Today God is calling His Apostles to take their place and fulfill the call He has for them. And if you have the call to the Apostolic, then it is time for you to take your place and find which one of these is you.

Many have read Apostle Les’ groundbreaking book “The Apostolic Calling” and have been inspired to go forth and take up their calling. This book has become one of our most popular books that we have ever published.

But there is more to the call, and many different areas that are not yet understood.

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New Release – Addicted To Prayer

We are pleased to announce finally the release of Apostle Daphne Crause’s new book on prayer, entitled Addicted to Prayer.

View Item: https://www.gbm-bookshop.com/product-detail/?product=245

Daphne is an expert on prayer and all the books she has written so far on this subject have been extremely popular and well received by most believers, but especially those involved in Prophetic Ministry and Intercession

This book, like all of her books is about far more than just praying as you will soon see when you read it. 

It embraces the entire spiritual life and includes additional teachings on most of the difficulties that we face, not only in prayer, but generally in our lives.

By the time you have finished reading this book, you will not only know how to pray better, but you will likely have also dealt with many other problems that have blocked you and hindered you in your walk with the Lord

Here Are Some Of The Things You Will Learn

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