There is a Better Way to Do it

Are you tired of trying to do things in your own strength?

Sometimes it feels like everything you do is an effort. You give it your best shot and try to do what God has called you to do, but it falls flat.

There is a better way to do it. It is called the Anointing of God.

It’s called Walking in the Supernatural.

Not too long ago Apostle Les introduced the School of the Supernatural. And we have seen many begin to see a new power in their ministry. But moving into the power of God does not come through training, it comes by letting the Lord empower you and move in your life.

So we would like to introduce you to a brand new book from Apostle Les D. Crause. It is called:

Walking in the Supernatural: Moving in The Power of God

New Book

This book is your all in one starting point to enter into the anointing and begin to experience a new power in your life and ministry. It contains the foundational teaching on the anointing by Les, as well as brand new additional teaching given in the school of the supernatural.

All in one complete book, available now in all the following formats:

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Amazon Kindle:

Amazon printed paperback:

Understanding the Anointing

Before you enter into the supernatural, you need to understand the anointing and how it works. This is the key to flowing in the power of God. The teaching in this book is the foundation of how we flow in the anointing in this ministry.

Get to Know Jesus

Coming into a close relationship with Jesus will be an important step in your journey. So this subject is covered in detail in this book.

Music is Powerful

I am sure that you know how powerful music can be when praising God. But now you will discover how music can help you enter into the supernatural like never before.

What Stops the Anointing

Entering into the anointing can be easy, but it can also be hard if you do not know how to do it. So you need to learn the things that will hinder you and stop you from fully rising up in power.

The Price

If you have read this far then perhaps you desire to know the power of God in your life. But know that to fully enter into this there will be a price you have to pay. God wants to empower you to go out and do the things Jesus did in this world.

He wants you to flow in His anointing. But there may be a test first to see if you are ready to be used in this way.

If you are ready, then it is available to you now. No matter where you are at, or how spiritual you are. You can learn to walk in the supernatural power of God right now. And if you desire to do this, then this book is essential reading for you.

Check out the book here:

GBM Bookshop:

Amazon Kindle:

Amazon printed paperback:

May you be abundantly blessed by this book.

In Him

John Crause
Team Member
Servant of Jesus

GBM International

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