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Addictive and Powerful Prayer (E-kit)

Author: Daphne Crause

Product Category: 06 Practical Ministry

Product Format: Ekit - 2 Ebooks - 494 Pages

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R481.00 - $37.00
Sale Price: R336.70 - $25.90  
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The Power of Prayer - Become Addicted to it

We are pleased to announce finally the release of Apostle Daphne Crause's new book on prayer, entitled Addicted to Prayer.

Daphne is an expert on prayer and all the books she has written so far on this subject have been extremely popular and well received by most believers, but especially those involved in Prophetic Ministry and Intercession

This book, like all of her books is about far more than just praying as you will soon see when you read it.

It embraces the entire spiritual life and includes additional teachings on most of the difficulties that we face, not only in prayer, but generally in our lives.

By the time you have finished reading this book, you will not only know how to pray better, but you will likely have also dealt with many other problems that have blocked you and hindered you in your walk with the Lord

Here Are Some Of The Things You Will Learn

1. The four problems that we all experience in prayer - page 8
2. The four main purposes for prayer - page 15
3. Three important actions to carry out in prayer - page 22
4. Daphne's story - how she learned to pray effectively - page 23
5. How to pray for a life partner - page 27
6. Why you need to wait for God's timing - page 28
7. Praying to fall pregnant - page 29
8. How to build your faith for prayer - page 30
9. Knowing the will of God in prayer - page 31

First Steps

1. Taking time to be in His presence first - page 38
2. Building a love relationship with Jesus - page 38
3. Praying on the run - page 40
4. Learning to hear His voice - page 41
5. Learning to see visions - page 44
6. The Importance of Journaling - page 45
7. Getting revelation by knowing by the Spirit - page 46
8. Finding time to pray - page 47
9. Avoid telling God how to answer your prayers - page 52
10.Do not limit God - nothing is too hard for Him - page 54
11.The role of faith in prayer - page 55
12.Giving God time to answer - page 57
13.How God answers through people - page 60
14.How God answers through the angels - page 61

When You Are Feeling Down

1. Praying when you feel defeated - page 66
2. How Satan attacks in your sleep - page 67
3. How Satan uses other people - page 67
4. Satan hits you when you are weary - page 68
5. Letting the Lord lift you up - page 69
6. Take to wait in His presence - page 72
7. How to stand on the promises of the Word - page 73
8. Charging up using tongues and the word together - page 74
9. The power of speaking in tongues - page 75
10.Adding music and singing to prayer - page 76
11.Using authority in prayer - page 77

Coming Against The Enemy in Prayer

1. Going into war against Satan - page 82
2. How Satan attacks us physically, mentally and emotionally - page 83
3. Recognising attacks of Fear and guilt - page 85
4. Do not be driven - page 86
5. Feeling blocked spiritually - page 86
6. Distractions when you do something spiritual - page 89
7. Doors that you can open to the enemy - page 89
8. Dealing with personal sin - page 90
9. Avoiding the occult - page 90
10.Identifying family generational curses - page 91
11.Curses from others by opening your heart - page 92
12.The two things that will always overcome the attack of the enemy - page 95
13.Overcoming family generational curses in your children - page 96
14.Three signs of a curse and how to deal with them - page 98
15.How to use your authority with the anointing of God - page 98
16.How to deal with negative words from others - page 99
17.How to use the Name of Jesus - page 101
18.Your words carry the power to overcome - page 101
19.You have angels to help you fight - what a warrior angel looks like - page 102
20.The best time of day to do warfare and stand against the enemy - page 103

Learning All About Intercession

1. What most people get wrong about intercession - page 106
2. A clear definition of what intercession is - page 107
3. How to intercede with someone else - page 107
4. How to develop a list of Scriptures to use in prayer - page 108
5. Why you should prayer in tongues for long periods - page 109
6. How to sow spiritual seeds in prayer - page 112
7. The importance of writing down your requests - page 112
8. How to walk and pray at the same time - page 114
9. How to pray like a king or queen - page 115
10.The two ways to intercede for others - page 119
11.How to pray for someone you choose to pray for - page 119
12.How to pray for someone the Lord shows you to pray for - page 121
13.How to pray for someone you do not know - page 123
14.How to recognise and act on a burden of prayer - page 124
15.How to respond to visions while praying - page 127
16.How to tell the difference between a negative and positive vision - page 127
17.The actions that you should always carry out in intercession - page 128
18.What to do when your revelations are confirmed - page 131
19.Be careful not to judge others in prayer - always speak blessing - page 132

Praying For Sickness

1. How to pray for good health - page 136
2. There is a spiritual side to sickness and disease - page 137
3. The three elements that exist in all sickness - page 138
4. Recognizing how Satan uses fear in sickness - page 140
5. How a curse can cause sickness - page 143
6. How to avoid picking up curses from others - page 143
7. Two things to do to experience healing - page 146
8. Good Scriptures to use when claiming your healing - page 147
9. When to use doctors and medicine and when not - page 148
10.When to get someone else to pray for you - page 152
11.When more than one person is needed to pray - page 153
12.Two things you have to do when praying for someone else - page 154
13.Things to consider before laying hands on someone - page 157
14.What do spirits of infirmity look like? - page 157
15.What causes a pain to move to a different part of the body? - page 158
16.How to diagnose a physical problem through prayer. - page 159
17.Why you may get better results praying for certain problems - page 160
18.How to pray with someone in a group - page 161
19.How to use music to increase the anointing - page 162

How To Pray For Financial Provision

1. Specific problems involved in praying for finances - page 167
2. Four principles to apply in believing for financial provision - page 169
3. How to be blessed in what you do - page 170
4. Sowing spiritual seeds to get a physical harvest - page 171
5. Identifying the small provisions - page 173
6. Three ways that Satan attacks your finances - page 176
7. What happens when you do not apply the four main principles - page 177
8. How family generation curses block finance - page 181
9. Other open doors to curses in finance - page 182
10.How to restore the blessing by dealing with curses - page 184
11.How to pray specifically for finances - page 188
12.Addressing the spiritual Pharaoh for finances - page 189
13.Commissioning the angels - page 189
14.How much should you ask for? - page 189
15.Claiming the wealth anointing - page 190
16.How to use vision in praying for finances - page 191
17.Addressing demon powers that block your provision - page 192

Praying For Direction in Your Life

1. How to pray about major decisions in life - page 197
2. What makes praying for direction different - page 198
3. How to trust when you cannot see behind the scenes - page 199
4. Recognising the signs that change is about to happen - page 200
5. See the big picture and the steps forward - page 202
6. When the Lord tests you first - page 203
7. How to recognise if that inner voice is from God or Satan - page 203
8. Using your spiritual Urim and Thummim - page 204
9. How to handle a Red Sea situation - page 206
10.Be careful to not miss small steps that lead to big things - page 207
11.Writing it down - how to use journaling and your diary - page 208
12.Do not be moved by failures and blockages - God is in control - page 209
13.Always rest in His promises - page 209

A Special Bonus If You Order Now!

We would like to give you without any additional cost, Daphne's previous bestselling book Praying With Power.

This book is currently a set book in our Prophetic School Course and sells for $24.00 or R260.00 but for the next ten days, if you order Addicted to Prayer, you will get this book for free.

Price: R481.00 - $37.00
Sale Price: R336.70 - $25.90  
(You save R144.30 - $11.10) until 12/15/2022

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