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Fivefold Prophet Kit (E-Kit)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: 02 Prophetic

Product Format: Ekit - Digital PDF, ePub, Mobi Files - 1082 Pages Total

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R1755.00 - $135.00

All the Functions of the Fivefold Prophet Are Now Available to You.

You Can Flow In Prophetic Ministry, Interpret Dreams, and be Gods Spokesman in the Earth.

This kit is a complete collection of 5 EBooks that cover everything about the Prophetic Ministry. You will get all 5 as well as some additional project files for the Visions and Dreams book.

The Fivefold Prophet - There are many levels in the Prophetic Ministry, and many different functions. If you desire to go to the highest level, then God will take you through all of these.

Apostle Les preached the complete series on the how the Prophet is trained and rises up to office. He set a standard in the body of Christ with this teaching. But there were many different areas which where not covered completely. And since then God has been doing new things with the Prophetic that were not there before.

Now Apostle Les has released the Ultimate series on the Fivefold Prophet. Taking some of what he taught before and adding to it, this kit is the complete series of books that show every thing there is to know about how God calls His Prophets.

Composed of 5 different books, this series is the definitive guide to the Prophetic Ministry. (Each of these books are also sold separately if you wish to get only one of them)

The Prophetic Ministry Made Easy

This series will start with the lowest level which is the Prophetic Ministry. It is not always an easy subject but it is made as easy to understand as possible. And you will see how God starts to prepare you to rise up into this ministry. In this book you will see that God has been preparing you for your whole life.

Functioning in Prophetic Office

As a Prophet you will do far more than most people realize. How do you hear from God? How do you Prophesy? And how do you handle the rejection that comes with being a Prophet?

The Prophet also faces heavy opposition. You need to know how to handle the spiritual warfare that will come against you. You will learn how Satan attacks you, and how his kingdom is set up. And you will learn how you can come against him in the spirit and send the attack back at him.

This section covers all that you need to know about what the Prophet does. How to use the authority God gives you, and function fully as Gods Spokesman.

Reaching Prophetic Office

The Highest Level that you can reach is to be put into the office of Prophet. This gives you an authority and boldness that few people have managed to reach. And it is so powerful that you must know how to use it. This is why God only raises up a select few to this position.

If you are prepared to face the pressure you can reach this level.

Perfecting Your Prophetic Ministry

Following on from other books in the series. This book covers a more practical side of the Prophetic Ministry. God is bringing a new emphasis in the Prophetic, allowing all believers to flow in the Prophetic Ministry.

These books will give you practical ways of developing this ministry. whether you are new at it or have been to the top. You can still learn to perfect your ministry.

If you are arrogant and overconfident in your ministry, then this book is not for you. But if you earnestly desire to be the best prophet you can be for the Lord; if you want to go a step higher in your calling, then do not hesitate to get into this book.

Prophetic Visions and Dreams

With this book you can uncover the mysteries that lie inside of you.

God speaks to His prophets in visions, and He will speak to them in dreams. You need to know when He is speaking to you and if what you are seeing is from Him.

This book covers the basics of dreams and visions. From the beginning of why you dream, why you see visions, how they work, and and what is the difference between the two of them.

It covers how to interpret the symbols in your dreams, and the many different kinds of Dreams that you will get. Some of them are from God, some of them are not. You will learn how to tell the difference.

From now on you will never have to worry that you will not understand your dreams, or your visions.

With this ultimate kit, you will learn to flow like never before. You will learn to hear God like never before. You will learn to see things in the spirit that you have never seen before and you will become a true Prophet of God.

Subjects Covered in Each Book:

Prophetic Ministry Made Easy

How you can learn to become a prophet

How to start seeing in the Spiritual Realm

How to start hearing spiritually and prophetically

How to function under the Prophetic Anointing

How to handle negative responses to your ministry

How to become a Prophetic Minister

How to minister deliverance as a Prophet

How to minister both publicly and privately

Functioning in Prophetic Office

01 - How a Prophet Hears From God

02 - Prophetic Ministry of Intercession

03 - How to Speak Prophetic Words

04 - The Realm of Spiritual Warfare

05 - Bringing Deliverance Prophetically

06 - Dangers of Prophetic Deception

07 - How to Handle Rejection

Reaching Prophetic Office

01 - Identifying the Prophetic Call

02 - Prophetic Ministry and Office

03 - Authority of the Prophet

04 - Prophetic Trainer or Mentor

05 - Prophetic Trainee or Disciple

06 - Work of a Prophet

07 - Prophetic Counselor

Perfecting Your Prophetic Ministry

01 - Practice makes perfect, but you need to practice the right things.

02 - You will learn how to hear better as a prophet

03 - You will learn how to see better as a prophet

04 - You will learn how to speak better as a prophet

05 - You will learn to pray better as a prophet

06 - You will learn to write better as a prophet

Prophetic Visions and Dreams

01 - Prophetic Dreams and Visions

02 - Visions - How to Interpret and Apply Them

03 - How and Why We Dream

04 - Kinds of Natural Dreaming

05 - Spiritual Dreams

06 - Basic Principles of Dream Interpritation

07 - Interpriting Dream Symbols

08 - Supernatural Dreams

09 - Demonic Supernatural Dreams

Bonus - Included is additional PDF files with projects for you to print out, as well as an additional file that has a full summery of all principles in the book, for you to reference anytime.

The summery is also included at the end of the book.

Price: R1755.00 - $135.00

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