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The God Kind of Wealth Study Kit (E-Kit)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: Business and Wealth

Product Format: Ekit - 2 PDF Files - 367 Large Pages Total

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R416.00 - $32.00

Full Studies in The God Way to Wealth

  1. The God Way to Wealth
  2. Signs of the Fivefold Business Calling
  3. Building The Palace of Prosperity
  4. Finding Your Promised Land
  5. Maximizing Your Potential
  6. Taking Your Promised Land
  7. Dividing Your Promised Land

Full Studies in The God Kind of Business

A. Seven Business Boats

  1. Find out how to choose a business niche, product range and place to carry out business
  2. Learn which selling method to use and who you should employ in your business
  3. Learn how to do market research and find out where and how to launch your new business

B. Power of Selling

  1. Avoid the classic mistakes made by most business owners by learning the three main factors in selling
  2. Find out what you should know about each prospect and how to treat a prospect
  3. Learn how to use the three essential human desires to locate and create desires in your prospect
  4. Discover how to give your business a face, use scarcity and get people to love and trust you

C.Choosing Your Crew

  1. You cannot accumulate wealth without help, but choosing the right people can be tricky
  2. You will learn what is needed for the various business models, such as freelancer, small retail, medium sized, continuity program, ground breaking, franchise or public company
  3. Discover how to use temperaments to correctly employ staff, set up work teams, sales teams, admin teams, production teams and support
  4. Find out how to establish top-down and bottom-up communication and keep a clear chain of command
  5. Know how to walk in the light as a Christian business owner and when to promote or discipline staff

D. Plotting Your Business Course

  1. Find out how to set a marketing strategy by finding hungry target markets, converting need into desire, using social proof and making the right use of fear
  2. Discover the five differences between marketing and selling and the three main marketing possibilities that you will always have
  3. Learn how to identify and tap into existing markets, create new markets and revive old markets

E. Charting Common Courses

  1. Find what is common to all human beings, starting with physical needs and desires, including food and sexuality, and the health market
  2. See how to cater to the hunger of the human mind and how information products are taking the world by storm
  3. Learn how to capitalize on the desire for entertainment, make life easier through services and help others to achieve their dreams
  4. Know your niches, why men and women have different needs and desires, the needs of childhood, youth and old age and the special needs of singles
  5. Be aware of how to deal with different cultures, status levels and people groups and specialized human needs

F. Catching the Wind

  1. Just as wind is important to a boat, so you must identify the winds that drive your business
  2. Learn to recognize the sources of the wind, identify the direction of the wind and know the strength of the wind
  3. Start working with the third part of human nature - markets that reach beyond body and soul and use the spiritual power of wealth
  4. Discover what makes mankind unique by learning the essentials of creativity and the importance of originality
  5. Find out how to make use of world events, get on your soap box and recognize a tipping point
  6. Receive instruction on how to come up with original ideas, build bridges to others and predict market trends


Price: R416.00 - $32.00

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