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Overcoming Evil Trilogy (MP3 Audio Kit)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: 12 Deliverance

Product Format: Ekit - 18 MP3 Audio Files - Runtime: 780 Minutes

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R611.00 - $47.00

Everything You Need to Set People Free From Bondage

The Ultimate Guide to Deliverance and Overcoming Evil

This E-Kit Contains the Complete Overcoming Evil Series - The Most Comprehensive Teaching on Deliverance to date.

You will find all 3 Volumes of the series in this kit. Read about them below

Note - This E-Kit contains only the MP3 Audios of this teaching.

Volume 1 - Foundations of Overcoming Evil

The Starting Point for True Deliverance

A Foundation to Get You Started with Overcoming Evil

Here you will learn enough to not only break free of demonic problems in your own life, but you will also be able to help others who need deliverance.

Subjects in this set

MP3 01 - Welcome to Overcoming Evil

MP3 02 - How I learned about demons and deliverance

MP3 03 - How Satan Gets In

MP3 04 - Breaking Curses

MP3 05 - Health, Wealth and Happiness

Bonus Teaching

MP3 06 - Discovering a New Gift

MP3 07 - Learning from Others

MP3 08 - Refining the Gift

Volume 2 - Overcoming Evil - The Ultimate Deliverance Manual

The Ultimate Guide to True Deliverance Ministry

The Complete Guide to Overcoming Evil

With this MP3 Audio set you will become an expert on the subject of deliverance.

And combined with the other MP3 Sets in the full trilogy, you will hold in your hands the most accurate and comprehensive teaching on the subject available today.

Subjects in this set

MP3 01 - Ministry of Angels

MP3 02 - Dealing With Demons

MP3 03 - Strategies of War

MP3 04 - Bringing Deliverance to Others

MP3 05 - Dealing With Curses

Volume 3 - Overcoming Sickness Poverty and Loneliness

Overcoming The Struggles of Life

How to Overcome Sickness and Live a Happy Life

This final part in our trilogy deals with the practicalities of daily living, and how the enemy tries to steal the abundant life God has for us.

Subjects in this set

MP3 01 - Origins of Sickness and Disease

MP3 02 - Origins of Poverty and Lack Part 1

MP3 03 - Origins of Poverty and Lack Part 2

MP3 04 - Origins of Separation and Loneliness - Part 1

MP3 05 - Origins of Separation and Loneliness - Part 2

Overcoming Evil is the most comprehensive teaching on Deliverance Ministry. In this Ekit you will find a complete guide to overcoming the struggles in your life, and helping others to break free.

Price: R611.00 - $47.00

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