Books That Will Bless You

Is Your Soul Hungry or Thirsty?

Your soul and spirit also need to be fed, like your body. But often we do our souls the same way as our bodies – we feed them junk food instead of healthy, nutritious meals.

Now you can feed your soul with solid, life-giving teachings and inspiring words. Every book published here is based on living experience and not just theory. Each principle taught has been lived and proved in the field.

Captured Anointing

Because most of our books are transcribed from anointed live preaching and teaching, they contain the anointing that was present when they were taught.

And when you read and absorb the contents, that anointing is released towards you, as though you were present when they were being taught live.

It has been our experience with many folks that when they read our books, they begin to live what is taught in them automatically. It is as though you receive an impartation from us while reading our materials.

Practical Ministry

Every believer has a ministry. Our desire is to help you identify the desires that burn in you and give you the resources you need to carry out your ministry.

From Bible Doctrine, to Ministry Made Easy, we will take you by the hand and lead you one step at a time on the road to rising up and becoming a leader in the Kingdom of God.

On Promotion

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Business Principles

Most Christian Business Publications teach about doing things morally in business. But the Bible has a lot more in it about business than you realize.

God has shown us in His Word, how to do business effectively. He is raising up His End Times Apostolic Entrepreneurs to lead the way to a new era. An era, where God’s people will dominate the Business World, instead of the wealth being controlled by the ungodly.

With new revelations and present truth being revealed to the End Times Apostolic Entrepreneurs, there is coming a business training that is different from anything you have ever seen in the world.

Christian Living

Even if you are not in business, you need help to succeed in your job or career, and you need help to succeed in your spiritual life.

We offer books, e-books, Audio, Video, and e-courses to help you live the kind of life you desire, using principles from the Scriptures that always work.

So whether you are in business or ministry, or just a believer trying to survive in this world, there is something for you amongst our publications.

There is help in overcoming insecurity, sickness, lack, failure and unhappiness.

No matter your problem, God has an answer for you.

Printed Books

You can order and download all of our electronic versions here of both eBooks and MP3 Audio files.

If you would prefer a tangible printed copy of our books, you have several possible choices available to you.

Our Live Bookshop

We sell printed copies of our books from our live bookshop, which is located at our ministry center in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. So if you live near us and would like to get one of our books, feel free to contact us to see if we have stock.

We would love to meet you as you browse through our stock of books and materials. So why not give us a call and arrange to come round and pay us a visit. We will have the tea, coffee, and biscuits ready for you and welcome you for a chat.

For more information about our live bookshop and where we are located, check the Find Us link in the menu.

Most of our books are available in both electronic and printed form on Just go to the following web address and you will find a full list of all books by Les D. Crause

If you are in a country where you can order and receive printed books from Amazon, then this is probably your best option to get a printed copy of our books.

If you live in South Africa you could still order books from Amazon, but it is more difficult and you will need to pay import duties and shipping from the USA or UK. Takealot helps fill this gap.

Takealot does not sell our books directly from us, but imports them from the USA and then sells them at a marked up price to include import duties and their own profit.

If you live in South Africa it would be cheaper for you to order the books directly from us. However you will need to place your orders by phone, and we will need to quote you on delivery costs because it is unsafe to use the normal postal system to ship our books.

We will then send them to you via a courier, and will need to first get a quote before giving you the final cost.

If however, we do not have the book you want in stock, you could still probably find and order it on It will cost a bit more and there will be a delay while they import it from the USA, but at least you could get a copy.

The books we have printed here in South Africa are slightly larger and have a better quality binding than those from Amazon or Takealot, so bear this in mind when deciding which option to choose.