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Here you will find everything you need - Knowledge, Training and Resources to help you Live a Life of Blessing 


Practical Ministry

Every believer has a ministry. We would like to help you identify the desires that burn in you and give you the resources you need to carry out your ministry desires.

From Bible Doctrine, to Ministry Made Easy, we will take you by the hand and lead you one step at a time on the road to rising up and becoming a leader in the Kingdom of God.


Business Principles

Most Christian Business Publications teach on business about doing things morally. Yet the Bible has a lot more in it about business than you realize.

God has shown us in His Word, how to do business effectively. He is raising up His End Times Apostolic Entrepreneurs to lead the way to a new era. An era, where God's people will dominate the Business World, instead of the wealth being controlled by the ungodly.

With new revelations and present truth being revealed to the End Times Apostolic Entrepreneurs, there is coming a business training that is different to anything you have ever seen in the world.


Christian Living

Even if you are not in  business, you need help to succeed in your job or career, and you need help to succeed in your spiritual life.

We offer books, e-books, Audio CD's, DVD's and e-courses to help you live the kind of life you desire, using principles from the Scriptures that always work. So whether you are in business or ministry, or just a believer trying to survive in this world, there is something for you amongst our publications.

There is help in overcoming insecurity, sickness, lack, failure and unhappiness.

No matter your problem, God has an answer for you.

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