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Psychology in Business (EBook)

Learn How to Handle People Without a Degree in Psychology

Price: R195.00 ($18.99)

God Kind of Business (EBook)

When You Are Not Sure Where To Start In Business

Price: R208.00 ($19.99)

The New Way of Business Part 1: Keys to Creativity (Course E-Textbook)

How to Create a Future Using Your Gifts from God

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Four Weeks with God in Business (EBook)

Let God Teach You Business in Just 4 Weeks

Price: R130.00 ($10.95)

The Apostolic Entrepreneur (EBook)

You No Longer Need To Feel Guilty About Wanting to Make Money

Price: R260.00 ($25.00)

Practice of Business (EBook)

How To Influence Others To Get What You Want in Life

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Developing Business Relationships (Ebook)

Learn To Manage And Understand All Kinds of People

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

The Blessing Code (EBook)

The Long Hidden Secrets to Success and Happiness Are About to be Revealed

Price: R150.00 ($12.00)

Way to Success (EBook)

The Exact Stages To Follow To Succeed In Everything You Do

Price: R220.00 ($20.00)

Seven Pillars of Business (Course E-Textbook)

Build a Business That Will Not Be Shaken Using Seven Key Principles

Price: R130.00 ($10.95)

God Way to Wealth (Course E-Textbook)

It Is Time You Take The Promised Land That God Has for You

Price: R220.00 ($20.00)

New Way of Blessing - Discovering your Blessing (EBook)

Live a Life Filled With Blessing

Price: R220.00 ($20.00)

New Way of Blessing Part 2 - Using Your Blessing (EBook)

Live the Abundant Life That God Has for You

Price: R220.00 ($20.00)

Doctrine of Prayer - Made Easy Series (Ebook)

Holding A Conversation With God

Price: R150.00 ($12.95)

New Way of Blessing Workbook (Course E-Textbook)

Get The Most Out of The Way of Blessing

Price: R75.00 ($6.00)

Keys to Self-Motivation (EBook)

How to Persist Until You Succeed

Price: R175.00 ($15.00)

Unleash Your Talents (EBook)

Bring Your Talents and Abilities to Life using the Power God Has Given You

Price: R130.00 ($11.95)

Building The New Church (Ebook)

You Can Change The Church

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Daily Good News Volume 1 - First Quarter (Ebook)

A Word From God in Time

Price: R70.00 ($5.00)

Prophetic Ministry Made Easy (Course E-Textbook)

Prophetic Ministry Is Easy

Price: R150.00 ($12.98)

The Apostolic Calling Expanded Second Edition (Ebook)

Mysteries of the Apostolic Call Revealed

Price: R275.00 ($25.00)

Daily Good News Volume 2 - Second Quarter (Ebook)

Get Your Daily Word From God

Price: R60.00 ($5.00)

Finding Gods Perfect Match (Ebook)

God Has a Perfect Match for You

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Making Your Dream Come True (E-Book)

Your Dreams Can Become A Reality

Price: R50.00 ($4.00)

Bible Doctrine Made Easy - Elements of the Gospel (Ebook)

The Essential Elements of the Gospel Explained and Made Easy

Price: R220.00 ($20.00)

Four Factors in Financial Prosperity - From Lack to Abundance (EBook)

How to Stop What is Holding Back Gods Blessing in Your Life

Price: R50.00 ($4.00)

Prophetic Visions and Dreams (Course E-Textbook)

All You Need to Know About How to Use Visions and Dreams

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Counseling Gods Way (Ebook)

Give Help and Counsel to Others Using These Principles

Price: R130.00 ($11.95)

Spiritual Transformation Made Easy (Course E-Textbook)

Change Your Life Past, Present and Future.

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Praying With Power (Course E-Textbook)

Release the Power Within Through Prayer

Price: R260.00 ($24.00)

Your Spiritual Journey (Course E-Textbook)

Step Out Onto The Journey God Has For You

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Ministering In God's Power Made Easy (EBook)

Release God\'s Power In Everything You Do

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Reaching Prophetic Office (Course E-Textbook)

Follow the Call to the Office of Prophet

Price: R260.00 ($25.99)

Functioning in Prophetic Office (Ebook)

Learn How to Operate as Gods Spokesman In The Earth

Price: R290.00 ($27.00)

How to Handle Stress - From Stressed to Blessed (EBook)

Your Were Not Made To Be Stressed - Only Blessed

Price: R20.00 ($1.50)

Perfecting Your Prophetic Ministry (Course E-Textbook)

Time To Make Your Prophetic Ministry Perfect

Price: R195.00 ($16.99)

How to Handle Failure (EBook)

Every successful person has been there

Price: R20.00 ($1.50)

The Apostolic Minister (EBook)

How to Become the Kind of Apostle God Wants You to Be

Price: R299.00 ($27.50)

Living With God's Perfect Match (EBook)

You Found Your Match, Now Make it Heaven on Earth

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Harvesting Your Desires (E-Book)

How to Harvest All Your Desires in Life

Price: R50.00 ($4.00)

Fulfill Your Destiny (EBook)

God Has Destined You For Great Things

Price: R195.00 ($18.99)

Prophet in a Box (E-Course)

All That You Need to Know About the Prophetic Ministry and Office in One Book

Price: R260.00 ($24.00)

The Evangelistic Calling (Course E-Textbook)

Moving From Basic Evangelistic Ministry to a Higher Calling

Price: R250.00 ($20.00)

Foundations of Overcoming Evil - Overcoming Evil Volume 1 (Ebook)

Where to Start in The True Ministry of Deliverance

Price: R150.00 ($13.00)

Ultimate Deliverance Manual - Overcoming Evil Volume 2 (EBook)

The Ultimate Guide to True Deliverance Ministry

Price: R230.00 ($21.00)

Overcoming Sickness, Poverty and Loneliness - Overcoming Evil Volume 3 (EBook)

Overcoming the Struggles of Sickness, Poverty and Loneliness

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Solomon The Apostolic Entrepreneur (Course E-Textbook)

An Apostle Called to Business

Price: R220.00 ($20.00)

Launch Your Ministry - Take Flight With Our Twins (Course E-Textbook)

Take Flight - Fulfill Your Ministry - Find Your Gifts

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Characteristics of the Fivefold Ministry (EBook)

Identifying Your Fivefold Ministry Calling

Price: R325.00 ($29.99)

The Teaching Calling (Course E-Textbook)

A Call to Shape the Body of Christ

Price: R259.00 ($24.99)

The Pastoral Calling (Course E-Textbook)

A Call to Set God\'s People in their Place in the Church

Price: R230.00 ($21.00)

Joshua The Groundbreaker (E-Book)

The Apostle of Revival and Change

Price: R260.00 ($24.00)

Evangelist in a Box (Ebook)

A Foundation for All Evangelists and Believers

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Solving Counseling Problems (E-Course Textbook)

How to Walk in Freedom and Overcome the Problems of Life

Price: R295.00 ($28.00)

7 Functions of Apostolic Leadership Volume 1 (Ebook)

The First 6 Functions That All Apostles Should Know

Price: R325.00 ($31.99)

7 Functions of Apostolic Leadership Volume 2 (Ebook)

The 7th Function That Makes an Apostle Stand Out

Price: R260.00 ($25.00)

Modern Day Apostles and Prophets (EBook)

This Is What Apostles and Prophets Look Like Now

Price: R195.00 ($17.00)

Understanding Your Ministry Temperaments (Ebook)

Which Ministry Suits You Best?

Price: R150.00 ($13.00)