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The Temperaments Kit (EKit)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: 06 Practical Ministry

Product Format: Ekit - 2 Ebook Files

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R325.00 - $25.00

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Discover your temperament and learn to use it in both the ministry and business calling

Included in this kit:

- Understanding Your Ministry Temperaments (Ebook)
- Psychology in Business and Ministry (Ebook)

2 powerful books to help you understand your own temperament and the temperaments of those around you. Using what you learn here you can have great success anywhere that you go and with anyone that you meet.

Understanding Your Ministry Temperaments

Which Ministry Suits You Best?

Do Any Of These Apply To You?

1. You have a desire to work for the Lord, but you are still not sure what you should be doing

2. You have a desire to function in some of the Fivefold Ministries, but you are not sure if you are capable of doing this

3. You are a Pastor or leader who wants to help others find their place in ministry

4. You need a way to identify ministries without getting Prophetic Revelation or depending on a Prophet

If your answer to any of these was YES, then this book is the solution to your problem. It which will help you find the answers very easily

God Can Use Your Natural Abilities

Every one of us has a specific mix of temperamental traits, and each temperament is better suited to a particular kind of ministry.

That means if you can identify which main temperaments you operate in, you will have a good idea of where your ministry desires and abilities will lie.

Perhaps you are able to flow very strongly in Prophetic Revelation, and you can help people to identify their ministry and calling. But you can still do this quite accurately without getting any revelation at all.

In this book you will learn how you can do this

Assess Anyone You Meet

Within minutes of meeting someone, you can very easily assess their main temperamental orientation. And armed with this knowledge, you can suggest to them what kind of ministry they should be doing.

You will be amazed at how accurate this is. And when you share this with people, they might think you are a great prophet. But in reality all you did was to assess them based on their clear temperamental mix.

Give Direction To Someone Who Is Called

A person is not always called to do what their temperament enables them to do. But if God has called you to a ministry, you will find that to do that ministry well, you might need to change your temperament.

So this teaching not only shows you what you are likely to be good it. It also shows you which way you should change your temperament if you want to carry out your desire for one or more of the Fivefold Ministry

You will have fun going through this book. You will learn more about yourself, and suddenly become an expert on ministries that others will seek out for help. And that alone might become a ministry for you.

Psychology in Business

The Key To Your Future is YOU!

When You Grow, So Will Your Prosperity and Success

Understanding how God made us and how other people think are essential pieces of knowledge for anyone who wants to succeed in business.

In this series, you will learn how you were made to function in this world, and how to identify what goes on inside of others. Then you will be able to not only grow in knowledge and experience, but you will become an expert that others will seek out.

Subject Covered in This Series

  1. The Way God Made Man to Function
  2. How To Identify and Relate To The Human Temperaments
  3. Why And How Change Must Take Place in You
  4. How To Change Your Business Habits To Succeed

Importance of Change

  1. The main key to live a life of success and wealth
  2. Three essential steps to personal growth
  3. The power of the big C word - Change
  4. Why the analytical is a poor decision maker
  5. The temperamental weaknesses of an Amiable
  6. Why an Expressive falls short with routine tasks
  7. The reason Drivers have no life and often are loners
  8. Why Analyticals are good planners in business
  9. The reason an Amiable makes a good connector
  10. Why Expressives are good achievers and salespeople
  11. The reason a Driver makes a good manager
  12. How to swing your temperament
  13. Learning to swing to assertive parameter for work activities

Changing Business Habits

  1. Forming and molding of character
  2. The difference between performance and performance orientation (PO) in selling
  3. The danger of parental inversion (PI)
  4. Why acceptance and recognition cannot be your driving force in business
  5. The power of conviction in overcoming PO and PI
  6. Being your own judge regarding personal satisfaction and accomplishment
  7. Habits versus Templates
  8. The importance of dealing with templates and past hurts
  9. How to change habit patterns
  10. Using words and action to form new habits
  11. The role of outside discipline and correction

Price: R325.00 - $25.00

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