Building The Dove Book

Building The Dove Book

I would like to announce the release of my new book, Building The Dove. 

This book contains all the lessons that were offered to students in the School of the Supernatural over a period of four months. It will give you detailed teaching on the following subjects:

1. How the dove is not only a picture of the Holy Spirit, but symbolises every aspect of ministry

2. Understanding the difference between Ministry and Calling. They are not the same thing.

3. The signs that show you are called, and how to find your calling.

4. The difference between a calling and a mandate.

5. The three different levels at which ministry takes place.

6. A detailed description of the Gifts of the Spirit, what they look like and how they operate.

7. How to activate spiritual gifts once you have received them.

8. How to hear from God for yourself using Tongues, Interpretation and Prophecy.

9. How to receive revelation via the Revelation Gifts.

10.How to move from where you are into flowing in the gifts of the Spirit.

11.Some of the dangers and mistakes that can be made in doing this.

12.How the Gifts of Power operate and how they will manifest in you.

13.Why the fruit of the Spirit is vital to all ministry.

14.How to tap into the Love of God and cause the gifts to come to life.

15.How to overcome Depression with the Fruit of Joy.

16.How to deal with stress using the Fruit of Peace.

17.Overcoming anger with the fruit of Patient Endurance.

18.How to know what God is dealing with you.

19.Understanding the Fruit of Kindness.

20.The role of good deeds in a believer.

21.Understanding the goodness of God and the Fruit of Goodness.

22.The importance of faith and the Fruit of Assurance.

23.How to obtain faith and get what you desire.

24.The importance of Meekness in a leader.

25.The difference between Meekness and Weakness.

26.How to create a Core Desire.

27.The role of the Fruit of Self-Control in motivating a Core Desire.

28.How to launch your ministry in the Gifts of the Spirit.

29.Recognising the tactics of Satan to stop you moving forward.

30.How to pass the tests and qualify to be used by God.

This book will answer every question you may have had about how to move into the gifts of the Spirit and to minister powerfully in the anointing of God. 

Some of the highlights of this teaching are available freely in our new online course in video and audio form. Some additonal principles are also included in these teachings. If you have not yet enrolled in this course, you should do so soon, while it is still available.

You can find the free course at

The book is available for you to purchase at the following locations:

The GBM Bookshop Online

Here you can purchase the ebook in all the main formats that are used in ebook readers. 

You can get it as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file which is a standard in ebooks online and copy it onto any device freely.

You can get it in Amazon Kindle format and download it to your Kindle, or view it on any device using the Kindle Reader App. This will allow you to take the book with you on your mobile device and read it any time.

You can get it in ePub format which is used on many other ebook readers, and can also be added to iBooks on the Mac. 

Any of these files can be downloaded onto an ebook reader or read using the ebook reader apps available for these formats.

You can purchase the book in South Africa for R200.00 or through Paypal for $15.00

Get it here:

Available Also on Amazon

You can purchase the book from Amazon either as a Kindle ebook or as a printed book. So if you are able to order from Amazon in your country, you may use this option.

The printed book will be available in due time on both and as they import from Amazon. But you will need to pay the import duties which makes the price much higher.

Just go to and search for Building The Dove, or search for books by Les D. Crause and you will find both options.

Free Course Available Permanently

Currently we are offering a free course that offers all the main teachings in Video and Audio format at

This will only be available to the public for a limited time, but if you purchase the ebook, you will get permanent access to this course. 

It contains all the highlights of what is in the book, plus a few additional principles, so it is a valuable addition to the full teaching. 

If you purchase the book from our bookshop you will be automatically upgraded to a permanent student. If you purchase it on Amazon, then let us have a copy of your invoice or purchase proof and we will also give you permanent access. 

Build and Launch The Dove

I am sure you are keen to move to a much higher level in the power of God and to being used in the gifts of the Spirit in your ministry. And this teaching will give you all that you need to get moving in that direction. 

So jump in while you can and embrace the powerful principles taught. And I hope to see you flying high in your ministry as you both build and launch the Dove of the Spirit in your ministry.

In His Presence

Les D. Crause
Apostolic Father and Servant of Jesus
GBM International

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