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David The Apostolic Prototype (eBook)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: 00 Fivefold Ministry

Product Format: Ebook - PDF 145 Pages - ePub, Mobi Files

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R234.99 - $18.00

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A True Prototype Apostle

Everyone knows the story of David, especially the part where he overcomes Goliath. But there is far more to David than just a story.

David rose up as one of the greatest kings that Israel ever had and was known as a man after God's own heart.

In fact, David is the perfect image and prototype of what God does with those with an Apostolic Calling.

In this book, you will discover a pattern and order that God follows in the training of an Apostle. This is a foundation that will no doubt be a part of your preparation and training as you get ready to step into the Apostolic.

Apostle Les will take you through each part of David's life and how it relates to you and your calling.

There will be death and a price to pay for this calling. Like David, you will learn about the dangers of the world system and how to overcome it.

And finally, you will come to the place where you are placed as an Apostle and can step into the place that God has called you to be.

Book Contents:

Section 01 - Preparation of the Apostle
Section 02 - The Call to Training
Section 03 - The First Phase of Apostolic Training
Section 04 - Experiencing the Status Quo System
Section 05 - Separation From The System
Section 06 - Preparing to Be Placed
Section 07 - Qualifying as an Apostle

If you feel that you are called to the Apostolic, then this is your starting point to enter into it.

Discover the original prototype of God's Apostle.

Price: R234.99 - $18.00

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