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Four Factors in Financial Prosperity - From Lack to Abundance (EBook)

Author: Daphne J. Crause

Product Category: 05 Abundant Living

Product Format: Ebook - PDF, ePub, Mobi Files - 44 Large Pages

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R50.00 - $4.00
Sale Price: R25.00 - $2.00  
(You save R25.00 - $2.00) until 03/31/2020


There Are Four Ways In Which God Will Bless You

If They Are Not There Then Something Is Blocking Them

But You Can Release Them and Tap Into The Prosperity That God Has For You

From the day you become a Christian you received the blessing of the Lord and everything that He has promised in His Word. The blessing of the Lord is something that you should be able to see working in your life, even in small things. You can be sure that as a believer you have His blessing in your life.

But there is also an enemy who will try everything in his power to stop you from experiencing that prosperity. And what do you do if you do not see any of Gods blessing in your life and you do not see the prosperity that He has promised you?

You Do Not Need to Worry Because God Has Made a Way.

In this book Daphne covers not only what God has promised you, but how you can tap into it, when it is not there. She shows you in her simple way of writing how you can get rid of what is blocking your blessing and provision. God did not intend for you have lack; He wants you to have abundance.

If you are a new believer then you will learn all the basics of the spiritual life. If you have been on his road for a while it will take you back to the basics so that you can break free of lack and begin to experience prosperity.

Covered in This Book:

1. The Four Kinds of Blessing That God Promised

2. The three enemies that will try to stop Gods Blessing

3. The Signs of a Curse in Your Life

4. How to break free of Curses

5. How to overcome Bitterness

6. How to Overcome Fear and Guilt

7. What You Can do to Restore Gods Blessing

8. How to Take Your Learning Further

Price: R50.00 - $4.00
Sale Price: R25.00 - $2.00  
(You save R25.00 - $2.00) until 03/31/2020

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