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The New Way of Business Part 1: Keys to Creativity (Course E-Textbook)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: 04 Business

Product Format: Ebook - Digital PDF, ePub and Mobi Files - 182 Large Pages

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R221.00 - $17.00

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How to Create A Future Using Your Gifts from God

This book is the first a series entitled "The New Way of Business" It was previously called Keys to Creativity, but has now been made a part of this series.

You could have been living a better life and you could have had the things you really desired. But instead you created a life that was not what you wanted.

But you could not help it, because you did not know the Keys to Creativity.

If you had known these keys then you could have used them to create the kind of life you really desire.

Yet the secrets to creating a life of joy and abundance were available to you from the moment you became a believer. But you were not taught them, because not many people, and not many preachers have discovered these powerful principles.

But that is all about to change, because you are about to discover these principles for the first time. And from now on you will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

The Creative Power Lies Within You

  1. Discover the two kinds of creation and the seven keys of creative ability or power
  2. Find out how your faith determines your creation and why you need an other-orientation
  3. Identify what driving force keeps you pushing forward and why it is important to build good pictures
  4. Learn how to use will power and core desires to increase possessions at all times
  5. Begin to harness the bodily powers of defense and reproduction

The Power Is Under Your Control

  1. Know about the mistakes most believers make in business and what the key is to your future wealth
  2. Learn more about your soul, why templates can work for or against you and the necessity for change
  3. Discover why your mind controls your emotions, what really controls your will and how your attitude affects your actions
  4. Understand the power of forming new pictures in the mind, and how to improve and change through the power of modeling
  5. Learn your three main influences for new ideas

The Power Is Released by Words and Actions

  1. Discover three main reasons why the wealthy are wealthy and the two directions the creative power can work
  2. Learn how to use the power of words to create, the danger of negative words and the importance of positive words
  3. Find out how to take actions correctly, make plans and step out in faith, working on what you can right away
  4. Be aware of the importance of teamwork and the essentials for taking massive action
  5. Know how to overcome procrastination and correctly schedule your time

The Power Can Be Increased

  1. Discover how to become more creative, three steps to feeding your spirit and how to exercise your spirit
  2. Find out how to develop your mind and will and deal with your feelings
  3. Be aware of the essential steps for healthy nourishment and using defense correctly
  4. Know the power of sexuality in the business realm

The Power May Be Assisted by Others

  1. Understand Why nobody in this world has ever succeeded alone and how you can avoid taking a wrong turn
  2. Know how to face choices with wisdom by considering consequences before acting and the three main sources for getting advice as a believer
  3. Learn the power of many minds, how to get excited and motivated and why you should allow yourself to get under peer pressure
  4. Discover your three ways of receiving spiritual impartations

The Power May Be Restricted by Others

  1. Be aware of how to allow people to make you without breaking you, the role and influence of parents and how you can be restricted by family and friends
  2. Know the power and influence that a spouse can have and who to choose as business partner
  3. Learn how you can be affected by those below you
  4. Discover how to deal with and replace family DNA and the programming of past teachers and mentors
  5. Why you should let go of things you learned or read, the importance of breaking spiritual links, when to get rid of linking objects and how to break free of obligations

The Creative Power Is Enhanced by The Creator

  1. Realize that a believer has an advantage in creation because of the internal anointing
  2. Know how to increase and enhance the spiritual forces and become a channel of creation
  3. Find out how to enhance your personality and creativity and increase in revelation, blessing and favor with others
  4. Learn about the creative power of the external anointing, the effects it has on your soul and how it can be felt physically
  5. Discover why and how you should function and operate in the business anointing and the five entrepreneurial business types

Price: R221.00 - $17.00

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