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Counseling Gods Way (Ebook)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: 06 Practical Ministry

Product Format: Ebook - PDF, ePub, Mobi Files - 176 Large Pages

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R156.00 - $11.95

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E-Book Version

Learn to Give Counsel and Direction The Way God Wants You To

You Can Help Others Through Counsel, Using The Principles of the Word

You do not need to have a degree in order to counsel someone through their problems. All that you need is the Word of God. That does not mean that anyone can counsel.You still need wisdom, experience, and a knowledge of what the Bible teaches.

But if you are a believer, you can learn to counsel and help others overcome their problems.

You can learn how to give others direction from God.

Counseling is something that all believers should be doing with each other. It involves sharing what the Word teaches, as well as your own experience, in order to help someone through their experiences. But you do not need to have experience in something in order to counsel them through it.

It can help you to overcome many problems. But sometimes people do not want counsel, even if it will help them. You need to have wisdom and know when to counsel someone. You cannot force your counsel on a person that does not want it.

Learn to counsel Gods way

When you follow the principles in this book, and what the Word says, you will begin to counsel the way God intended. And you will help many people to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

There is nothing like ministering to someone and helping them through a hard time in their life. If this is your desire, then this book is for you. You can reach that goal and learn to Counsel Gods Way.

Sections in This Book:

Section 01 - Counseling, Whats That?

Section 02 - Gods Order For Counseling

Section 03 - Practical Counseling

Section 04 - Gods Kind of Counselor

Section 05 - Please Excuse Me

Price: R156.00 - $11.95

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