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I like to read stories and if you are human, then chances are that you also like stories. Some stories have a deep meaning behind them. While others are just a bunch of nonsense that someone made up to entertain you.

But stories have a power to draw you in and make you remember them. They have a power to influence you and help you learn new things.

The bible is full of stories that have meaning in them. Though often all people remember are the stories and they don’t always remember the rest of what the Lord was saying in His word.

There is one story in the bible that maybe you did not fully understand yet. That is the story of Esther.

This story does not seem to be there for any reason other then to show how God rescued the Jews from bondage. But there is a very interesting allegory in this story that you may not see unless someone shows it to you.

And this is the premise of one of our ebook entitled:

Esther – A Model of Your Spiritual Life

You can check it out here:

This story is a complete allegory of what happens in your spiritual life, from the beginning and through to living the life God has for you.

This has to be one of my favorite ebooks and has a lot packed into it. Apostle Les goes through the story of Esther and shows you the meaning and allegories in the story. If you are a teacher of the Word or someone who likes to see the meaning in the scriptures, then this ebook is a must read.

Each character and event that takes place has a meaning in it. This story shows what happens in your spiritual life as a believer of God. And maybe you think you already know what happened, but the Lord is not finished yet in your spiritual life.

This will not only help you to understand what is happening inside, but also others who are going through this in their spiritual life.

It is one of our Quick Reads available on GBM Bookshop. And currently it is on sale until 10 August for only $7.50(R99.99)

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I would recommend anyone to read this ebook, it is short but still packs a lot into it.

I hope that this ebook shows you what is happening inside of you and gives you a new understanding of the spiritual life. May you continue to grow in your walk with the Lord, until you reach the place that He has for you.


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