Overcoming The Boredom

Here in South Africa the entire country has been placed into lockdown from this Friday. That means everyone has to stay at home and only go out for essentials. Some other countries are also in this position already and others are likely to also go that route soon.

This can be a frustration if you are used to going out, and being stuck at home can lead to a lot of boredom. But for believers it can be a perfect time to catch up on some of the things that you have not had time for until now.

What an opportunity this is for you to spend some time building your spiritual life and ministry through reading and study. You don’t want to spend all that time filling up on worldly input by spending hours watching TV. 

You want to read some uplifting books and watch videos that will inspire and teach you. And we have a huge collection of these which I believe would really help build your faith and give you a new hope for the future. 

We Have Cut Everything In Half For You

To help in this we have decided to reduce all of our ebooks and all of our study courses to half of their normal price until the end of March. 

So you can get studying or do a ministry training course at a price you can easily afford. And we will also be offering some additional resources and helps at no cost as soon as we can get them all together. 

We will be livestreaming all of our Sunday meetings each week, and also some midweek meetings so that you will have plenty to keep you busy during this difficult time. 

And we are here for you if you need any personal help or counsel. Just drop us a line using our contact us form, and our ministry staff will do their best to assist you. You can also WhatApp us for emergencies and urgent help. 

If You Like Reading

All of our ebooks in our bookshop have been reduced to half price with immediate effect. So why not go and browse our website and see what you can find that will keep you busy and help lift your spirits.

You can find our bookshop which you are currently reading this post on. (https://www.gbm-bookshop.com/)

If You Like Videos and Audio Also

If you would like to do some study courses, or even get into some real ministry training, we have everything you need at our new GBM Courses website. There you can enroll and do a free course. Then you can purchase as many courses as you wish. 

These courses are really comprehensive and include video, audio and text so you can study in the way you prefer. And if you do the practical projects we can mark them and give you credits towards a full degree in your ministry training.

You can find the Gbm Courses website here: https://gbmcourses.co.za/

You can purchase courses now at the lower price and then study at your leisure later. You have permanent access to all courses you enroll in, and you can also download most of the materials to study offline. 

Make Good Use Of This Opportunity

Instead of seeing this as a frustration and waste of time, why not take advantage of the situation and build your spiritual life. Then when this attack is over you will be ready to rise up to a new level and do great things for the Lord. 

We will continue to churn out new materials and be there to take you by the hand during this time. 

How To Get Everything Free

Those of our partners who contribute above a certain amount, and even lower level partners who have been with us over a long period of time, are given full and free access to everything. 

Even lower level partners are allowed free access to materials according to the level of their partnership. 

Have you considered partnering with us in the work? You can find out more about it from our partners website. Check it out at the following web address: https://gbm-network.com/

We look forward to getting to know you more during this difficult time. Perhaps when it is all over, we will even see a blessing in what has happened. Let’s turn what the enemy meant for evil into something good shall we?

In His Love


Les D. Crause

Spiritual and Apostolic Father 
Servant of Jesus

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