Quick Read – Short But Powerful

I personally always want to read something new. And if you are someone who likes to read I am sure you feel the same.

But maybe you don’t like reading long books. Or maybe you just have not had the time recently. There is just so much available, that it can be hard to decide what to read first.

I have every intention of reading all the books, but it does not happen.

Not too long ago I picked up a small book that we found randomly at the bookstore. It was inspirational and all about being successful.

I sat down and read it in one day, and I felt so satisfied after finishing it. Not only that, but I remembered what I had read, because it was short and to the point. It was also fresh in my mind.

Just because something is short does not mean that it does not pack something powerful. There was a lot that was interesting in this story that I read.

Do you want something short to read right now? Do you need something new or a new inspiration?

Then I have good news for you – We have several teachings just like this available

And we are going to putting them all on sale until the end of next week.

I recommend that you check them out because we have some gems available and they cost as little as $2.99.

These short but powerful ebooks will give you what you need right now to achieve your goals, be successful in life and break free both spiritually and financially.

Maybe you know these teachings already. Why should you read these short books?

Because they will remind you and inspire you to keep going.

And all of them you can read in just a day or two

Check them out on our sale page here: https://www.gbm-bookshop.com/sale

I hope that one of these short reads will inspire you and give you what you need right now to break free and rise up into all that God has for you.

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