Last Chance For The Week

The GBM Bookshop relaunch got off to a good start. Today this week’s sale is ending and tomorrow we start a sale on new items.

Now is the final chance for you to get these items on sale for 50% off.

Here are all the item sales ending today:

Check them out here

The New Way of Blessing Part 1 (EBook)

The New Way of Blessing Part 2 (EBook)

The Blessing Code (EBook)

The New Way of Blessing Part 1 (MP3)

The New Way of Blessing Part 2 (MP3)

The New Way of Blessing Part Study Kit (EKit)

Wordplay – Spoken Scripture Promises (MP3)

A New Week

Starting Tomorrow the 23rd of May, there will be a new set of items on sale. We will announce what is on sale for the week. Otherwise you can check yourself by going to: to see the current sale items.

What would you like

What do you want to see on sale next? Is there an item you are wanting from our bookshop? We will be going through the whole bookshop and putting all items on sale eventually, but only for a week at a time.

Just let us know so that we can tell if there is a special interest for this week.


John P. Crause

Bookshop Manager
GBM International

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9am to 5pm South African Standard Time (GMT+2)

Phone: +27 76 326 9105

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