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Did you know that the more Word you feed into your inward parts the more your faith will grow?

The Scripture says that faith comes by hearing the rhema word of God. And the only way you can get a rhema word is to first feed the Word inwards. Then it starts coming out from inside of you as a rhema, and that is when faith is produced. 

I found that when I repeat Scriptures over and over again until they sink into my inner memory, my faith gets stronger. And when I need to believe God, these Scriptures start coming out of me. 

But it is not always easy to sit down and quote Scriptures over and over again. So I found a better way. 

Music Has A Special Power

When you hear an old song it often takes you back to past memories and stirs emotions in you. And often you can remember all the words easily. Music has that kind of power. 

So I came up with the idea of recording Scripture passages and adding background music to them. Then I played them in the background so that I could listen to them while doing other things. 

Whenever I was feeling down or needed a lift in my faith, I found this be very powerful. 

So I decided to take a whole list of good promises from Word and make a complete recording of these with some simple background music. And what came out was so powerful that we began to make it available to the folks we worked with. 

Many testified of the power that it carried and how it helped them through difficult times. 

You Can Get The Original Recordings

Although these recordings were made some 20 years ago, and our technology then was still a little primitive compared to now, they still carry an amazing power. And they are available for you to obtain from our bookshop as MP3 files. 

You could play these in the car while traveling, or put them on your phone and play them while you are busy doing other things. I love to play them while exercising on my treadmill. It is amazing how they boost your faith. 

Now you can get these recordings, which we decided to call Wordplay, at a highly reduced price on our Gbm Bookshop Relaunch Sale. And we are asking only a pittance for it – just R65, or $5.50 in US currency. Sale no longer valid – but you can pick it up for R130.00 or $11.00 now.


Why not hurry and download it right away. 

Play it to your kids when they cannot sleep at night. Play it when you need a faith boost, or are facing difficult circumstances. Play it in the car on your way to work. 

You will be greatly blessed, and I expect to receive some good testimonials on this. 

In His Love


Les D. Crause

Spiritual and Apostolic Father  
Servant of Jesus

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