Announcing The New Bookshop

GBM Bookshop Relaunch Sale

We would like to announce the new and improved GBM Bookshop.

As you know we have been revamping all of our websites at GBM International. Along with the rest, I have been working hard to improve our bookshop so that it is easier to use and looks better than before.

We are excited to announce today that it is fully functional and ready to go. And I believe that this is the best version of our bookshop yet.

We Need Your Help

So we would like to ask you if you can check it out for us. We would love to get your feedback on how it looks and functions.

Check it out here:

Just browse through the website and tell us if you find it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

If you have ever purchased products from us before, you can also leave a review and tell us what you thought. We would love your reviews on our products.

Re-Launch Sale

As part of the re-launch of the bookshop, there is also a 50% off sale going on certain products which will change each week. You can see what is on sale on the front page if you scroll down the page. We will be announcing this more in the days to come. So look out for that.

If you find something on sale that you would like, then now is a good time to get it and we would appreciate the support.

But otherwise for now have a look at the website and let us know what you think. We would like your feedback and honest opinion so that we know what can be improved.

May you have a wonderful and blessed week. And if you have any questions or feedback to give, feel free to respond to this email or use the contact form on the website.

In His Love

John P. Crause

Team Member
GBM International

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