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Unleash Your Talents (MP3 Audio)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: 08 Social Sciences

Product Format: MP3 Audio - 5 MP3 Files - 266 Minutes Runtime

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R221.00 - $17.00

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E-Book Version
MP3 Audio Version

Yes You Can!

1. You CAN write that book that is inside of you.

2. You can write that song that burns in your heart

3. You can develop that artistic talents that you have

4. You can obtain new talents that you never had before

All of these things come from your spirit within, and they are lying there waiting to be unleashed. But you have not known how to release them and bring them into manifestation

This Is About To Change

Because now you have at your fingertips the tool that will point you in the right direction.

Now You Have the Ability to Unleash Your Talents

Subjects Covered in this Course

A. The Art of Communication

1. Take back the land

2. Things that block communication

3. Communicating with Words

4. Communicating with Actions

5. Communicating with Music

B. Communicating With Music

1. The Power of Music

2. Music and Rhythm

3. Words and Actions in Music

4. Music Programs People

C. Origins of Music

1. Music is All Around

2. Music and Science

3. Music and Your Emotions

D. The Spirit of the Arts

1. The Arts is Part of You

2. Developing the Arts Spiritually

E. The Art of Writing

1. Introduction to the Art of Writing

2. The Use of Language and Stories

3. Reaching the Spirit

Price: R221.00 - $17.00

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