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Your Spiritual Journey (MP3 Audio)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: 07 Bible Doctrine

Product Format: MP3 Audio - 7 MP3 Files - Runtime: 236 Minutes

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R290.00 - $27.00


God Has a Road For You To Walk As a Believer

Your Christian Life is a Journey

Take A Step Towards What He Has For You

New - This book is a revised and edited version of teaching that was previously giving in a series called "The Journey to Life" It has been updated and republished.

The day you accepted Jesus as your savior you started on the journey that He has for you. You took the first step. It is a journey that all believers take. The Road that God has prepared for us. And the life that He wants for us to live.

This book is about what it means to be a Christian. Everything that God has for you as a believer. And what your end goal is as a Christian.

God has many great things in store for you on this journey. But you will face pressures and obstacles along the way. Because there is an enemy. You will have to face the penalty of sin and the flesh. But with Jesus you can overcome and reach the goal.

This book is your practical guide on what you can expect on this journey. The journey to the life God has for you.

Now you must decide if you want to carry on down this road. Whether you are a new believer or have been on this road for a long time. This book will give you a clear picture of what it means to walk the road of being a Christian and living your life through Jesus.

Sections in This Series:

Section 01 - The Tenses of Salvation

Section 02 - The Power of Law

Section 03 - The Principles

Section 04 - The Power of the Spirit

Section 05 - Dealing With Inner Conflicts

Section 06 - Spiritual Exercise

Section 07 - The Final Mountain

Subjects Covered in This Series:

1. Like A Journey

2. The Penalty of Sin

3. Looking Towards the End Goal

4. A Tug of War

5. A War Inside

6. The Principles

7. Act On It

8. Breaking Free of Sin

9. Change Your Mind

10. The Spirit Brings Life

11. Restlessness Within

12. The Works of the Flesh

13. The Fruit of the Spirit

14. Exercising the Soul

15. Memories and Feelings

16. Words Are a One-Way Valve

17. Finding Solutions

18. Wrong Motivations

19. How to Overcome Self

Price: R290.00 - $27.00

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