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Bible Doctrine Made Easy - Elements of the Gospel (MP3 Audio)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: 07 Bible Doctrine

Product Format: MP3 Audio - 12 Audio Files

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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Price: R338.00 - $26.00
Sale Price: R169.00 - $13.00  
(You save R169.00 - $13.00) until 03/05/2021

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Never Be Ignorant About the Scriptures Again

You were doing great until...

Imagine the following happening to you as you go out into the world to do the work of the Lord:

You do not find it that easy to witness to others about the Lord, because you just do not know enough about what the Bible teaches. You really would love to share more with unbelievers, and you would also love to minister to fellow believers.

But One Thing Stands In Your Way

You Just Do Not Know Enough About What The Bible Teaches

Then the Lord opens the way for you to share the Word with a complete stranger. You sense the excitement at presenting the Gospel and things are going well when suddenly... They ask you a question you cannot answer!

That is when you realize that your knowledge of what the Bible teaches is not that good. You wish you had studied the Bible more. But you have seen those books on Theology and Bible Doctrine and they all looked so boring and difficult to understand.

The Answer Is Here

Now you can learn all the main doctrines of the Bible and be able to explain them to anyone. Apostle Les D. Crause takes the teaching ability that the Lord has given him and makes Bible Doctrine so easy that even a child can understand it.

Within a short time you will have folks telling you what a brilliant Bible Scholar you are, and your friends will be amazed at the knowledge you have gained of the Scriptures.

Never again will you be caught with nothing to say when someone asks you a difficult question about the Bible

Here is a list of the subjects covered in this course:

You will be able to download all 12 MP3 audio files to your computer, iphone, android or other mp3 player

Each lecture is around 30 minutes in length and covers a main principle in Bible Doctrine

  1. How God Created Man - Why God made man, and what He put into man

  2. How Man Committed the Original Sin - What took place when Adam and Eve disobeyed God

  3. What Happened When They Sinned - How their sin affected not only them, but all of us

  4. What God is Like - His nature and qualities

  5. What God Gave To Man - The god-like qualities we all have

  6. The Godhead : What God Looks Like - what exactly is the Trinity and who came up with it

  7. How God Revealed Himself to Man - The progressive unfolding of Gods revelation to mankind

  8. Who Jesus Is And What He Did - How God in human flesh died for our sins

  9. Salvation And The New Birth - what it means to be born again

  10. How To Overcome Sin - Our salvation is a continual process

  11. The Main Purpose For The Spiritual Life - how to be sure you are saved

Price: R338.00 - $26.00
Sale Price: R169.00 - $13.00  
(You save R169.00 - $13.00) until 03/05/2021

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