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Category: Branch Site

Gbm Baker Florida

The Branch of Global Business Ministries in Baker, Florida

GBM Europe

The Europe Headquarters of Global Business Ministries International.

GBM International

Gbm South Africa

The South African branch of Global Business Ministries International.

Gbm United States

Global Business Ministries USA Branches

Category: Gbm Team

Anna-Lena Haenni

Apostle Nadine

Apostle Nadine's Ministry Website

Jays Cartooning

The Official Cartoon site of John P. Crause.

Les D. Crause

Ministry of Daphne Crause

Nadine Loves Jesus

Nadine Loves Jesus Ministry Website

The J Corner

The Home of John P. Crause

Young People Arise

Category: Priority Site

GBM Bookshop

GBM Broadcasting

Partners of GBMI

For all partners of Global Business Ministries International. This is your home online

Category: School Site

Fivefold Business School

Training for the relatively unknown ministry level of Apostolic Entrepreneur.

GBM Academy

The Ultimate Training Academy for Those Called to the Fivefold Ministry and Business

GBM Apostolic School

Gbm Apostolic School Training for Apostles

Gbm Pastoral School

Training for the vital ministry level of Pastor.

GBM Prophetic School

Training for the highest ministry level of Prophet.

Category: Special Site

Daily Entrepreneur

A site for those who have a business calling This site is loaded with free resources for Christian Entrepreneurs

Fivefold Ministry Evaluation

If you believe you are called to minister, then we will confirm this, help you launch your ministry, and train you to do it well.

Fivefold Music

For those who wish to add a music dimension to their Fivefold Ministry Calling.

Gbm Church

GBM Websites

Gbmi Software

This site presents the Application Software for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS produced by Global Business Ministries and Les D. Crause

God Way to Health

Prophetic Visions and Dreams


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