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The Blessing Code (E-book)

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By Les D. Crause

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The Long Hidden Secrets to Success and Happiness Are About to be Revealed

This Is The Story of Your Life

Hidden in the pages of an ancient manuscript you will find the principles that Satan has tried to hide from you for so long.

  1. He is afraid that if you tap into these truths you will break free of the bondage he has held you in
  2. He is afraid that you might know the truth that will set you free
  3. He is afraid that you might learn the code for success - The Blessing Code

If you are already successful and happy then you do not need this book.

But if you are like the rest of us, struggling to survive in this world and still reaching for your dreams, then you cannot avoid to NOT read this book

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Date Added : 2011-03-13

Title : A blessing indeed

Name : Marleze van Loggerenberg

Location : South Africa

Rating : 5

Review Text :

This book is not just an inspirational story but is packed full of nuggets of Gold that will change the way you think about wealth and show you the foundation of living in blessing. I definitely recommend this book.

The Blessing Code (E-book)