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Finding God's Perfect Match (Course E-Textbook)

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By Les D. Crause
PDF File 182 Pages
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God has a perfect Match for You

You can Find the Right Person to Compliment you and to Spend Your Life With

Since the beginning God made us to look for our other half. He never intended for us to be alone. You are an incomplete person without your match. And that is not what God wants for you.

Sharing some of his experience in being alone and single, Les takes you through how to prepare yourself to find your future partner. And what you can do to make yourself a good prospect for them.

As a Christian you do not have to remain alone to serve God, and if you are in a position right now where you want to find someone to serve the Lord together with, or who you can give all your love to, then this book will hold the answers you seek.

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Finding God's Perfect Match (Course E-Textbook)