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Daily Good News Volume 1 - First Quarter (E-Book)

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Click To View Full ProductDaily Good News Volume 1 - First Quarter (E-Book)
By Daphne Crause
Digital PDF File - 193 Large Pages
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Would You Go A Day Without Eating?

Your spirit also needs food, and the stresses of life drain all your energy, leaving you powerless against the attack of the enemy.

Based on the extremely popular daily devotional Daily Good News, Apostle Daphne Crause has now compiled a full set of devotionals to cover you for the first quarter of the New Year.

Here Is How To Use This Book

  1. Read each day's devotional and get blessed before you start your day
  2. Open the book at random and let the Lord speak direct to your current need
  3. If your birthday lies between January and April, then look up the devotional for your special day and see what the Lord says to you
  4. Give A Copy As A Gift to those you love

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Daily Good News Volume 1 - First Quarter (E-Book)