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The Apostolic Minister (EBook)

Author: Les D. Crause

Product Category: 01 Apostolic

Product Format: Ebook - PDF, ePub, Mobi Files - 293 Large Pages

Published By: Global Business Ministries International

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The Apostolic Minister

How to Become the Kind of Apostle God Wants You to Be

This book follows on from the last book in the series The Apostolic Calling

There are different kinds of apostles and each has their own area of ministry. It is important that you know what kind of Apostle He wants you to be.

Apostle Les has given a foundational teaching on this subject to help those who God is training. Sharing from experience and examples from the Word, This book will show you where your true passion lies as an apostle of God and how He trains each of His Apostles.

Lay A New Foundation

The apostle is called to start new things and lay a new foundation. If God has called you to be an apostle like Moses then you will do this even more. You are called to set Gods people free and start a new generation.

Raising Up Gods Chosen

You will face rejection an an apostle. If God has called you to be the David type of apostle then you will face it. Not only will you face rejection but you will be called to take those who have also been rejected and build them into a mighty army for God.

Taking the Land

There is a land to take, and it is time to put your foot on it. It could be that you are called to be like Joshua. You will take the land, and drive the enemy out using the power of God. You will complete the work that Moses left for you, and build on his foundation.

Building the Temple and the Palace

The final type of the apostle is Solomon. If this is you, then you will be different, you will not fit into the normal pattern but you are favored of God, for He has called you to not only build His temple but to take back from the world the finances that are needed for His kingdom. You will be an apostle called to both ministry and business.

These are the types of apostle that you will learn about in detail. And you will know if God has called you and which one of these you are.

Building A Team

As an apostle God will also call you to build a team. He may make you a member of another team. Whatever the case, there is a pattern for the team, and if you follow it you will have a powerful team of apostle who will shake this world.

You Must Be A Father

The higher you rise up as an apostle the more you will help others to rise up. God has called the apostle to be a father to others, and when you reach this place He will bring you those who you will train and impart to, so that they can carry on the work that He has given you.

A New Level of Prayer

Prayer is for every believer but you an an apostle must have a higher level of prayer. There power that God has given you will change this world, and you need to know the right way to pray and use that authority.

These are all things that every apostle must know in order to rise up to the highest level. When you have completed this series you will be ready to go out and be a true Apostolic Minister.

Are you ready to minister in power and take the land that God has called you to take?

Sections in This Book:

Section 01 - The Apostolic Types
Section 02 - The Moses Apostle
Section 03 - The David Apostle
Section 04 - The Joshua Apostle
Section 05 - The Solomon Apostle
Section 06 - Apostolic Teams
Section 07 - Apostolic Fatherhood
Section 08 - Apostolic Prayer

Price: R358.00 - $27.50

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