Four Weeks with God in Business (Course E-Textbook)

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By Les D. Crause

Digital PDF File - 120 Large Pages

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All The Basics on Business in Just Four Weeks

Imagine being able to sit down with the Lord each day for four weeks to discuss your business. That is what this series will do for you.

Les D. Crause shares some of the key principles that he received from God, which he then expanded into a full Business Training Course.

This series will whet your appetite for some of the gems that are available in the full courses, and at the same time, give you enough to get going and succeeding in business.

Your Daily Shot

Each daily lesson will motivate you, lift you up and help you solve problems that you have been having in your business.

There is just enough for you to remember and apply - a kind of Daily Manna, that will take you through each day. Then you can come back the next day for more.

Read them each weekday for four weeks, then go back and do it again. You will see even more the second or third time around.

If You Prefer To Listen

For those who prefer to listen to someone speak rather than reading, you can get these lessons on MP3 audio. Then you can listen on your computer, ipod or other mp3 player. You could also put them on a disk and play in your CD player if it plays mp3 disks.

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