The New Way of Business Part 1: Keys to Creativity (Course E-Textbook)

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By Les D. Crause

Digital PDF, ePub and Mobi Files - 182 Large Pages

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How to Create A Future Using Your Gifts from God

This book is the first a series entitled "The New Way of Business" It was previously called Keys to Creativity, but has now been made a part of this series.

You could have been living a better life and you could have had the things you really desired. But instead you created a life that was not what you wanted.

But you could not help it, because you did not know the Keys to Creativity.

If you had known these keys then you could have used them to create the kind of life you really desire.

Yet the secrets to creating a life of joy and abundance were available to you from the moment you became a believer. But you were not taught them, because not many people, and not many preachers have discovered these powerful principles.

But that is all about to change, because you are about to discover these principles for the first time. And from now on you will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

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